Tony Hanna / Bilal / Rawad Khalil Live in Concert

Ghalboun International Festival 2017

This event has finished

Toni Hanna: "Tony Hanna is a Lebanese singer born and raised in a small village in the Lebanese mountains. Later, Tony Hanna moved to London, England where he spent five years and then to the Detroit where he stayed for 20 years. Finally he went back to his native village.

Tony Hanna’s talent became evident in the early seventies. As soon as he launched his singing career, he turned to a best seller artist and a singer with a special life style and look. He was nicknamed by a British journalist “Lebanese Dali” because of his moustache.
Tony Hanna was accompanied by professional «dabke» dancers (traditional mid eastern dance). His lovely songs and charisma took him to all the capitals of the Arab world, US cities, as well as to Paris, London, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentine…
At the peak of his career, Tony Hanna gave up stages overnight creating that way one of the biggest mysteries of showbiz."

Bilal: Arabo-Gypsy Concert Bilal and The Yugoslavian Gypsy Brass Band Bilal is a Gypsy singer from Lebanon. 20 years ago, when he was a 15 years old shoeshine boy which is the case of most boys of his “Dom” gypsy community, he used to work in the street where the offices of ELEF Records were located, he was noticed by music mogul Michel Elefteriades who decided to mentor him and to launch his career.
He has been, ever since, constantly on tour around the world, from Lebanon to London passing by Jordan, Egypt, Dubai and many more countries. Bilal will be accompanied by multi-award winners the Yugoslavian Gypsy Brass Band who is know for its innovative world music fusion and its unique Balkan Gypsy sound.

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