Marwan Khoury Live in Concert

Ghalboun International Festival 2017

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About Marwan:

Marwan Khoury was born in Mazra'et El Teffah, Zgharta, Lebanon into a Maronite Christian family, he is the third of five children born to Tanyous and Naseema Khoury. He has two older sisters Leena and Mona, and two younger brothers Claude, who works as a TV director, and Dany is a music arranger. In 1986, Khoury enrolled at the Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (USEK) in Lebanon where he studied piano, Musicology and Music History. During his university years, he won a prize in a music composition contest. The award was presented to the singer by former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel. In 1988, Khoury produced his first album Kasak Habibi (كاسك حبيبي) depending solely on himself in writing the lyrics, composing the songs, and producing.

Khoury started a new phase in his life in 1989, not as a singer but as a keyboard player and a band conductor. He performed in various TV shows. He continued as a keyboard player until 1996 and played with many famous Lebanese artists. But during that period, Khoury wrote and sang the single, "Fik Yamma Balak" (فيك ياما بالك). 

In 2005, Khoury landed a five-year contract with the major production company Rotana Records. He also released his first major album Kil Al Asayed in May 2005. The album and the title song were successful[1] and their popularity spread fast. It was this album that made Khoury famous in the Arab World. In 2006, Khoury released an additional album Asr El Sho (قصر الشوق). His third album "Ana Wl Leil" was released on March 2008. In this album, the lyrics for the track "Lawla L Hawa" was written by the famous Emirati poet, Jenan. Khoury's last album with Rotana Rajain contains 10 tracks and was released in 2010.[2] In January 2011, he announced that his contract with Rotana has ended and he's heading for self-production.

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