SanDance-The Beach Camp

Forestronika crew presents SanDance the beach camp: Turning 3~

This event has finished

3 years ago, around the same period of Spring, when nature was blooming inside out and when all creatures were coming out of their shells to live the abundance it brought along, SanDance the beach camp was born~  

Every year since then, we like to welcome our mother Gaia's expansion by coming out and dancing to her shine, by dancing for peace and sleeping under that thousand stars sand hotel that has no equivalent~  

It is with a lot of love and with deep belief in the essence of this community that we strive to make every experience sustainable~  
All  this beach is for us, so just hop on the SanDance Bus and join this unique family get together as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary,  the madness of a crazy uplifting dance floor and the serenity of just being and honoring our favorite host by keeping it clean and untouched~

        2 DAYS
        ONE LOVE <<☆

As for the music menu
-the alternative stage will host several bands of different genres; line-up will be revealed soon

-the electronic stage will host your favorite local Djs bringing together under one roof your favorite house, techno and psytrance tunes during a 15 hours non stop journey from sunset to the warming morning hours☮

>> The event is pet friendly as long ad our furry friends are kept safe and not too close to the sound and keeping their water enthusiasm towards the sea and avoid the pool

~Swimming will be allowed in the sea by day and prohibited by night where you can benefit from the safety and comfort of a large light pool ☮

○ Food and drinks are allowed in but we encourage you to use our on site F&B court that will serve you a variety of fresh meals and desserts at reasinable prices and the bar that will be equipped with all you need to have a pleasant stay over 2 days !

**No under 18 will be allowed in, please have a valid ID in case needed.
Illegal substances and weapons are prohibited inside the event premises.

One Love 
Let's Dance !

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