Hiba Tawaji & Ousama Rahbani Live at Cedars International Festival

Cedars International Festival 2017

This event has finished

About Hiba:
Hiba Michel Tawaji is a Lebanese soprano singer, actress, and director. She played the main female role in some of the most known Rahbani musicals. She also participated in the fourth season of France's version of The Voice, in which she was coached by Mika. She sings in Arabic, English and French. After The Voice, she signed up with Mercury Records in 2015. On 30 May 2016, it was announced that Tawaji will join the cast of Notre-Dame de Paris as Esmeralda in the revival of the musical.

About Oussama:
Oussama Al Rahbani (born 1965) is a Lebanese musician and composer. He is the son of the Lebanese composer, musician and poet Mansour Rahbani.
Osama had his education at Collège des Frères Maristes Champville until 1973, Collège des Apôtres, Jounieh until 1982, and finally Kaslik, where he got his Lebanese baccalaureate. He studied History at the Lebanese University. A keen soccer fan, he played as an amateur.
He took piano lessons from a young age, and music courses at Berklee College of Music in 1990 and 1995. His music shows influences from his brother Marwan Rahbani and cousin Ziad Rahbani; classical music; and jazz music. Oussama's background in classical music developed alongside Bechara El Khoury, Marwan, and Ghadi Rahbani. He is also an avid music collector.

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