Wael Jassar Live at Tyre Festival

Tyre Festival 2017

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About Wael Jassar:
One of the singers who have managed to forge a place in the Arab song to make one of those rare artists who could sing a modern Arabic music which retains its identity and recalls the golden age of Arab music . Wael Jassar has become in recent years a reference in the world of Arabic song. This young Lebanese rocked on the melodies of classical Arab music has developed a great passion for music and sang from an early age songs diva Oum Kalthoum and the general Abdel Halim Hafez .
In 1996, he released his first album Machi which was a great success. An album which earned him public recognition and composers who saw in him a safe bet the song. Since then, every album has become a rendezvous with success.
Requested by a public increasingly numerous, he gave several concerts around the world and became, by its pure voice and appropriate choice of words, one of the most celebrated singers in the Arab world. Often compared to George Wassouf , he has a short time to forge their own identity and distinct in style.
The success so far suggest a bright future for this young singer. Iddounia alimitni Habibi Kallimni Ah Minno Al Hawa Majrouh Ya Samra , are some of his songs that have become around the Arab world.

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