Jamal Abu Hosn Live at Tyre Festival

Tyre Festival 2017

This event has finished

About Jamal:
Dr Jamal A-Hosn (Composer & Multimedia Artist) Born 1957
Acclaimed for combining quality standards of classical music with the expressive elements of ethnic and electronic music.
Performed in over 100 Festivals, universities and conferences worldwide. His works has been broadcasted on public and specialty channel radio and label television.
His output includes Symphonic works, instrumental, interactive computer music, and music written for film and television.
Received commissions from numerous professional Orchestras and performers.
Audio-Visual Live performance of Original multimedia, multicultural shows involving modern dance, poetry, video-arts, laser technology, 3D computer animation, superior lighting and intricate screen surround displays.
Performed in over 100 Festivals, Universities and Conferences worldwide and some works have been broadcasted on Public and Specialty Channel Radio and Television.
Recipient of many Grant/Award and Admiration Certificates from: Cultural Organizations, Art Associations and Music Festivals.

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