Samira Said at Baalbeck International Festival

Baalbeck International Festival 2017

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Samira Said is one of the biggest Arabic superstars today with a repertoire of more than 50 albums, many massive hits and successful music videos. Singer, songwriter, performer, producer and actor, she is one of the most accomplished Arab singers of the last three decades. Samira Said has achieved an unusual longevity in the Arab world, frequently adopting new musical styles, such as Tarab, Raï and Jazz. 

She has produced a series of albums including Inssani, Khaifa, Ashka, EntaHabibi, Kul Dee Eshaat, AyamHayati and Ayza Aaich. Her album Aweeni Beek went on to sell more than 25 million copies. The acclaimed diva won more than 40 awards including a BBC Award for Best Artist in the Middle East. 

Samira Said will perform her biggest hits for her numerous fans on the Steps of the Bacchus Temple, Friday August 4th 2017.

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