Ibrahim Maalouf at Baalbeck International Festival

Baalbeck International Festival 2017

This event has finished

Ibrahim Maalouf, world-renowned talented trumpeter and composer, is back in Baalbeck with a special show conceived for the Festival. 

In 2014, he was awarded the Victoire de la musique in the World Music category for his album Illusions. 

In 2015 Ibrahim Maalouf received a Nomination at the French film-industry’s César Awards, Best Original Music, for his work on the film Yves Saint-Laurent. This year he was awarded a Victoire de la musique for his triumphant Red & Black Light tour, a Prix Lumières and a César Award for Best Original Music for his work on the movie Dans les forêts de Sibérie. 

After two memorable performances for the Baalbeck Festival, Ilik Ya Baalbeck show in 2015 and the Kalthoum concert in 2016 at the Casino du Liban, Ibrahim Maalouf will perform on the steps of Bacchus Temple for an exceptional and massive concert with special guests on Saturday July 22nd 2017. 

Transportation from Beirut is provided by Wild Discovery
Parking facing Virgin downtown
Bus tickets available at Virgin for 10$ only

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