Celebrating The Lebanese Nights

Baalbeck International Festival 2017

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The New Generation
Celebrating The Lebanese Nights
With Ramy Ayach
Aline Lahoud & Brigitte Yaghi        
Conductor: Elie Alia
Choreography: Sami Khoury
Concept/Stage Direction: Gerard Avedissian

The Baalbeck International Festival has been supporting Lebanese musical creations since 1957.  The Festival’s “Lebanese Nights” have given the opportunity to the Rahbani Brothers, Toufic El-Bacha, Zaki Nassif, Romeo Lahoud, Walid Gholmieh, Philemon Wehbe, Abdel-Halim Caracalla and others, to create their major works that have survived in our collective memory. 

The eternal voices of Feyrouz, Sabah, Wadih El-Safi, Nasri Shamseddine, Samir Yazbek, Issam Rajji, Melhem Barakat, Elie Choueiry, Assi Hellani and many others have resonated in the Baalbeck Temples.

For the sixtieth anniversary of the “Lebanese Nights”, the Baalbeck International Festival will allow the younger generation of artists to showcase their talent, by performing songs of the past as well as their contemporary repertoire, in a fabulous and colorful show of songs and dances.

Transportation from Beirut is provided by Wild Discovery
Parking facing Virgin downtown
Bus tickets available at Virgin for 10$ only

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