Hike with your kids to Nahr Al Salib

An amazing family hike. Distance: 5 - 6km - Hiking level Medium/Easy - Cumulative ascent: +100m

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How best to end your vacation than by spending it with your family and kids in the lovely valley of Wadi el Salib. During Spring, the valley is full of new blossoms, greeneries and the buzz of the Spring season! Wadi el Salib is located in Kesrouan. It is a wild valley, with steep sides, the bottom of which flows the Nahr el-Salib. On the banks of the river, one can see the remnants of 48 houses, three mills, a church and a chapel dating back to the eighteenth century. An Ottoman stone bridge connects the two banks, and the historical Roman stairs linking Qlaiaat to Kfardebian are believed to pass by this bridge. The last inhabitant, a miller whose mill was still running water, left the scene there over 70 years ago. The valley is today equipped to accommodate hikers and families who would enjoy a small hike and a picnic area amidst the lush trees and flowing river. The location is safe for children.

JOIN US ON THE 22ND OF APRIL for an amazing family hike. - Distance: 5 - 6km - Hiking level Medium/Easy - Cumulative ascent: +100m - The hike will include several short breaks around 3 mins each on various locations and scenes. - Pets are welcome

SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT to bring along: - Backpack - SNACKS & LUNCH e.g. Dried fruits ,chocolate power bars for hiking,sandwiches from home or any easy to prepare meal... - 2 liters of water - ID Card or Passport - Self Insurance Card - Reliable hiking shoes for all family members - Cap or Hat - Sunglasses - Sunscreen - Hiking stick if needed - Thin jackets

GENERAL RULES: - This event is for sports and nature lovers. - Family and kids are welcomed. - Hikers must remain in full autonomy: reliable hiking shoes, backpack with the essentials (food and water)...etc. - Respect for each other is a must. - Respect for nature is a must, ecotourism rules must be followed. - Minimize waste: we recommend bringing stainless plates and cups you can wash and reuse instead of the one-use plastic ones, bring your own garbage bag, we will leave the place better than we find it. - Any musical instrument is welcome to spread a magical and joyful ambiance. - All kind of foods and beverages are welcomed for the mid day lunch, sharing is caring. - Excessive alcohol use won t be tolerated!! - Pets are not allowed on the bus, they are welcomed by your own means but dogs MUST remain on leash. Bus timing will be given upon request.

Fees : - Adults : 25$
Children below 12 : 15$
Groupe of 4 the 5th for free RESERVATION IS A MUST: a MANDATORY 15 $ down payment is required !!!

All Payments are non-refundable in case of cancellation, however, a 100% refund will apply in case of the event cancellation. - The prices include transport and guides only.


NB: Sometimes, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the program may occur.

For reservation contact us on 71/147662

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