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For the 9th consecutive year, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association is organizing its Annual April Thru-Walk from April 1 to April 30, 2017, and has started accepting hikers’ registrations. 
This year, one team will hike from Andqet, Akkar, in the North, to Jdeidet Marjaayoun in the South; and a second team will start in Marjaayoun to finish in Andqet. vDuring the Thru Walk, hikers can do the whole Thru Walk, or join the core team of Thru-Walkers over few days for sectional hikes (any number of days) or weekend hikes (2 days and 2 nights). 

Every Thru-Walk highlights a special theme. In 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, hikers walked for Water Conservation, for Birds, for Trail Protection, for Cultural and Archaeological Heritage, and for Food Heritage respectively. This year, hikers will walk for the Mountains. 
 Lebanon’s mountains are more than ever endangered by the crawling of concrete and the irrational and unplanned exploitation of its resources. Unfortunately, only 20% (approximately) of the LMT is protected. This is where the trail transects protected areas and nature reserves. The remaining parts of the trail are threatened on daily basis by many environmental violations. Quarries, new roads and unplanned real estate developments, waste and dumpsites are threatening the trail’s existence and the heritage and resources that it is trying to preserve and celebrate.
 This year, we are raising the attention, again and out loud, to the importance of taking care of our mountains. 
 Special events will be organized during the Thru Walk and will be communicated to you later.

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