"The Hottest Spot North of" ... Lebanon!

As the song says “The hottest spot North of Havana” we introduce you to the Lebanese hottest spot of the season: The Copacabana Restaurant. An exotic island inside Safra Marine Beach Resort, the restaurant holds well its name.

Copacabana specialties are Brazilian dishes. They vary from meet to chicken, and there is also a fusion of cuisines which led to the fine dining of the place. As you walk in, even though you are already at the beach inside the resort, you are transported to a Brazilian shore. An all-blue setting welcomes you into an open-space ballroom-like venue, very wide, very fresh from the moment you step in. On the walls around you, you can find aquariums with fish swimming, giving you the impression of enjoying a meal surrounded by the sea itself!

What makes Copacabana so special is it being so multi-purpose! In fact, other than the fact that it is one of the few authentic Brazilian restaurants in Lebanon, it is also one of the renowned a wedding venue. Why spend thousands trying to get married abroad when you can do so in Copacabana and enjoy an exotic out-of-the-place wedding? What’s even more convenient is the fact that the venue not only hosts adults and newlyweds, but also the young ones for their birthdays. The restaurant prepares the theme of your choice and welcomes your children and their friends to enjoy their favorite princess-theme or superhero.

If you are heading North, and want an experience like no other, make sure to drop by Copacabana!


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Words By Tamara | Photography Copacabana Facebook

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