Buffalo Steak House Ajaltoun

A Steak House like No Other

Buffalo Steak House has been established for years in Lebanon. It is located in Kaslik as an open door bistro, but its main venue is on the main road of Ajaltoun, on the way to Faraya.

If you are looking for a cozy, romantic and very winter and dreamy feel, you have found the right place. As soon as you walk into Buffalo Steak house, you are entering another century, as well as another world. In fact, the place is fully wooden decorated; from tables, to chairs, to the bar, to the walls surrounding. It has this warm sense all over. The dim lights add to the romance, and each table holds candle for a warmer atmosphere.

Of course, friends and families are all welcome to enjoy the amazingly juicy steaks that are the specialty of the place. But its setting reminds us of an unforgettable valentine’s day therefore really in-love couples can find themselves in the venue.

The menu is an “a-la-carte” one, but if you are making the trip up to Buffalo, it is definitely worth it to try the one-of-a-kind steak they offer. Whether you like it rare, medium or well-done, it is always juicy, soft and mouth-watering. Most of the renowned local and international wines are offered, and red wines are usually advised with the culinary experience.  

For a heartfelt experience, whether during winter or in the middle of summer, Buffalo Steak House welcomes you with open arms!  

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