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Babel Bay

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Traditional Lebanese cuisine gets a maritime update

Wafic Sinno Avenue, Zaitunay Bay, Raouche

Mitsu-ya 弥家

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World class Sushi and Sashimi by Master Mitsu Arai

Gouraud Street, Gemmayzeh

Al Dente

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Al Dente is known as one of the finest Italian restaurants in town with a sophisticated Bordeaux like ambiance.  

Hotel Albergo, Abdel Wahab El Ingliz, Ashrafieh

Abdel Wahab

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Abdel Wahab provides guests the opportunity to enjoy the distinctive warmth of Lebanese food, culture & hospitality.

Abdel Wahab El-Inglizi Street, Ashrafieh

La Petite Maison Beirut

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The delicious tastes of the world renowned classic south of France restaurant relocated to downtown Beirut

Omar Daouk Street, Minet El Hoson, Downtown

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Why is the nightlife in Beirut so amazing ? SOBEIRUT finds out ...

Interview with Lara Zankoul


Lebanese Photoshop prodigy and creator of surrealist dreamscapes Lara Zankoul is here to answer your questions.

The Lebanese Emigrant statue – or did really no women emigrate?


Standing for all Lebanese men who have emigrated from their home country to seek greater fortunes and peace

Ziad Abi Chaker - Looking into compost techniques, I kind of fell in love!


Interview with Ziad Abi Chaker, arguably the only player in Lebanese recycling.

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