Harsh service.

Average Price per person: $100.00

I came a few times, with friends and family but mostly alone. I once came alone and sat on the bar and the bartender Hussein Debes started initiating conversation, and started being rude and asking personal information. Called me a liar when I told him I was currently unemployed and told me "bartenders don't have to be kind" after I asked him why he's being so rude...

Contacted the owner, and addressed the issue and he told me that Hussein will apologize next time I go.

I went again, no apology (which I wasn't expecting nor asked for anyway) and this time they refused to seat me on the bar, even though there were many bar stools available.

Food is good. Drinks are good.

Problem is they prioritize certain customers that they know and do the opposite with newer customers...

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One bar three strikes: Friendly atmosphere, great food and a cool crowd!

hamra - +9611355955
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