Maarad - Rachid Karami International Fair

it would've been great if i could just go in

Just like every other public place in tripoli, it's sexist and judgemental. After spending three weeks going there just to get our entrance pass and wasting my time. We still can't go in because the security guard still lives in the 13th century and won't let anyone through. I went with a friend of mine and he spouted some nonsense about how we can't go in since we're a "boy and a girl" and then as that wasn't offensive enough he showed me a page that said that every cardholder should follow the rules!? What rules!? I didn't even get to go in! What's the point of making stupid entrance passes if we can't use them? Somebody please fire that security guard for the love of god, he's giving tripoli a bad name.

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Maarad - Rachid Karami International Fair

Niemeyer in Tripoli

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