I definitely do not recommend this place

Average Price per person: $40.00

I definitely do not recommend this place.
The food is not authentic

I purchased 5 meals:
1. Vegetable Spring Rolls- Tasteless/ oily / thick crust
2. Beef/Chicken Satay- Too many peanut topping ruins the whole experience
3. Thai Beef Salad- A salad you would find at a snack not even... with some marinated beef which isn't appetizing at all
4. General Tsao Chicken- chicken pieces are as big as my head
5. Jasmine Rice - Thank god they can cook rice!

The sauces also disappointing!

I ended up without dinner after paying 92,000 LL

Overpriced, typical so-called Asian Cuisine just like most Restaurants in Lebanon!

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A 'Little Asia' in the Beirut district. 

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