Bab El Mina
8 Jan 2018 | 1 user found this helpful.
Average Price per person: $0.75

You choose the fish to cook but you do not see its price.
I do not know what type of fish would cost around 100 USD per kg!? I discovered this while paying.
Not only that but the fish was tasteless. It was grilled but no seasoning at all.

Since they are expensive, one could say that there must be some free entrees or salads or something special. Unfortunately the answer is zero.

How come there is no wifi? Which year we are in?
The restaurant is in a very touristic city at a very touristic spot. So how on earth would you not provide wifi connections for your touristic guests?

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Osama    2 years ago 
To be more accurate, the fish was around 90 USD per kg not 100 USD per kg.
And to set it clear, it was fish not lobster or shrimps.

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